The transformational power of sport allows for the creation of programmes which aim to inspire young people to be more active, take ownership of their own physical well-being, while at the same time, allows for the development of positive attitudes, behaviours and life skills, which are critical in the development of young people. Atlantic has partnered with various organisations to deliver programmes for young people to aid in their overall development.

Atlantic Sports Ambassadors

The successes of our national athletes serve as a source of inspiration for thousands of children across Trinidad and Tobago. Atlantic has partnered with five (5) of our brightest sporting talents in an effort to motivate children and encourage them in their own pursuit of sporting excellence.

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Atlantic Real Madrid Foundation Social Sports School

In 2011, Atlantic partnered with t he Real Madrid Foundation – the social responsibility arm of popular Spanish club, Real Madrid – to offer a youth intervention centred on the sport of football. The Atlantic Real Madrid Foundation Social Sports School offers tactical and life skills development to both boys and girls, between the ages of 7-14.

The school is based at the St Dominic’s Home in Belmont and targets children from at-risk communities in and around Port of Spain. Sessions include football training, counselling sessions with the kids and their parents, physiological assessments, nutritional guidelines, basic literacy education and life skills sessions.

The school was officially launched in November 2011 and the children had the opportunity to meet former Real Madrid striker, Emilio “The Vulture” Butragueno.

Since the launch of the programme, coaches have already benefitted from training sessions with Real Madrid coaches, to enable them to better deliver the objectives of the programme. By building local capacity, it is expected that this programme and others like it, would continue in the long-term.

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WIPA in the Community

The West Indies Players Association (WIPA) is the representative body for cricket players throughout the Caribbean. It shares a core objective - to develop young persons through healthy lifestyles and sport – with Atlantic.

In 2008, Atlantic agreed to partner with WIPA on the pilot and model for this intervention at community level.Starting with a core group of nine (9) primary schools in Point Fortin, the initial success of the programme resulted in its expansion to 17 schools in the area (13 primary and 4 secondary schools), including Cedros and La Brea.

To date, over 2,200 students have participated in this programme, and have been exposed to cricket coaching, as well as life skills. The programme also provides the students and the community to engage with international cricketers and legends, who so far have included Brian Lara, Chris Gayle, Daren Ganga and Jimmy Adams. The programme also trains and certifies community coaches, and aspires to build participation in cricket from the community club to the national stage.

Sessions take place during the schools’ allocated Physical Education periods, as well as after school, with vacation camps scheduled in the Easter, August and Christmas breaks.

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Sport for Life

Using cricket as a catalyst, the Sport for Life Programme is an after-school programme held at the Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain, and which focuses on developing basic tactical skills, in conjunction with improving numeracy, literacy and computer literacy, and developing life skills. 

The programme allows boys and girls from at-risk communities in Port of Spain and environs between the ages of 10-14, to spend two (2) hours a week at the centre, where tutors also assist them with their homework.

Since the programme’s inception in 2008, Atlantic has supported around 150 students per year.

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Atlantic National Primary Schools’ Cricket League

For the past 10 years, Atlantic has been the sponsor of the National Primary Schools’ Cricket League. The competition is organised by the National Primary Schools’ Cricket Board, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

This competition is open to primary school students across Trinidad and Tobago – both boys and girls – and provides an opportunity for children to be exposed to the fundamentals of the game, as well as competition on a district and national level. In 2012, we had over 8,300 boys and girls participating in this competition.

At the end of the competition, the top 90 cricketers from the four districts (North, South, Central and Tobago) are selected to attend the annual Cricket Development Vacation Camp, which is hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB). This three (3) week camp facilitates specialised training for these boys and girls, facilitating their development and growth in the sport and creating further opportunities for them to excel at the more senior levels of the game.

The 2013 season will culminate with the boys’ and girls’ finals on June 14.

Atlantic National Primary Schools’ Football League

Atlantic has been the title sponsor of the National Primary Schools’ Football League for the past eight (8) years. The championships are organised through an Atlantic Sponsorship Contract partnership with the National Primary Schools’ League, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

Over 3,200 boys and girls across Trinidad and Tobago participate in this competition during the first term of the academic year.The competition affords the students the opportunity to gain a broader tactical knowledge of the sport of football, develop their technical abilities in a structured, disciplined environment, and put these abilities to the true test in a competition comprising of other primary school children from across the country.

As part of our commitment to ensure the long-term development of this programme, Atlantic also facilitates a three-day development camp for the top 50 boys and girls coming out of the league for the season. The Atlantic Football Development Camp, now in its third year, is hosted after the championships and is run by coaches from English Premier League club, Manchester United, F.C. This camp focuses both on the tactical and behavioural development of the players, and the coaching capability of local coaches. In this way, we are creating opportunities for the advancement of football in local communities, which inevitably will feed into national development of the sport.

Atlantic National Primary Schools’ Athletics Championships

In 2012, Atlantic renewed its inaugural support of the National Primary Schools’ Athletics Championships. Our partnership with the National Primary Schools’ Track and Field Association allows us to facilitate the development of track and field among primary school students.

The competition comprises of zonal and district meets, as well as a nationwide 3K race, ahead of the one-day championship event. Over 400 primary schools participate in this event annually.

Atlantic recognises that the future success of our athletes at international events such as IAAF World Championships and the Olympic Games depends on the foundational development of tactical skills at a very early age. In this way, we seek to support the abilities of our youngest talents in an effort to pave the way for their future accomplishments for Trinidad and Tobago.

In 2013, the Port of Spain Educational District took full honours at the one-day Championship event.

Atlantic Coaching Excellence (ACE) Programme

The Atlantic Coaching Excellence (ACE) Programme seeks to equip coaches at the primary school level with the necessary skills and knowledge via formal certification to support the long-term development of the National Primary Schools’ Cricket League, the National Primary Schools’ Football League and the National Primary Schools’ Track and Field Championships.

Atlantic is the title sponsor of these three (3) national programmes. The programme will expose coaches to training which will assist them in more effectively delivering training and mentoring to children of that age.

The ACE Programme aims to have certified football and cricket coaches in every primary school across Trinidad and Tobago. Through the programme, Atlantic hopes to increase the number of coaches at the primary school level in these disciplines in the first instance, and subsequently also in track and field. In doing so, there will be greater access to coaching, and it is anticipated that this would mean that more primary schools would be more actively involved in sporting programmes.

This is a three-year programme, which, in the first instance, will target coaches in cricket and football. Persons presently coaching in these sports in primary schools across both Trinidad and Tobago will be nominated by their respective primary school leagues. For cricket, the programme will be coordinated by the West Indies Players’ Association, who through a partnership with Cricket Australia, will offer a Level One Coaching Certification.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) has developed a unique programme aimed at developing coaches at the primary school level in the sport of football.

This programme is targeted at persons who provide coaching to primary schools across Trinidad and Tobago. The National Primary Schools’ Cricket League and the National Primary Schools’ Football League will have the responsibility for nominating eligible persons.

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