Our Core Values

Atlantic’s strategy rests on the foundation that is our core values. These core values underpin who we are as a company and guide our actions, behaviours and relationships.

Our five (5) core values – Safety, Performance, Respect, Integrity and Teamwork – define what we expect from our employees and embody the culture of the organisation – a culture that is positive and robust.

With an additional “I” which refers to the responsibility of each individual at Atlantic, we refer to our core values and how we live them as spIrit. The way in which each individual lives out the core values, determines the success we achieve.

  • Safety

“We will do it safely or we will not do it” in order to achieve our goal of no harm to people and to minimise our impact on the environment

  • Performance

We provide an environment where our people and stakeholders are inspired to deliver their greatest potential

  • Respect

We will treat each person equally, taking into consideration how our words and actions can affect others, so we can operate in a trusting, open and inclusive environment

  • Integrity

We will be true to our Core Values, strengthening our credibility and building the public’s trust in us as a company

  • Teamwork

We will support one another and work as One Team.