Our Strategy

Our strategy is aimed at helping us maintain our position as a successful and leading player in global LNG production.

Our strategic intent – One Team creating optimal value through the safe, reliable and efficient conduct of our LNG business – allows us to operationalise our vision and identifies what the company would like to achieve and how we intend to do so.

Our strategy is guided by six (6) strategic elements:

  • HSSE and Asset Integrity

We will run a safe operation, maintain the integrity of our assets, preserve the health and safety of our people, demonstrate prudent environmental stewardship and provide security assurance

  • Production

We will maintain high levels of reliable and efficient operations and exceed our production targets

  • Project Excellence

We will consistently deliver excellence in the planning, management, execution and operability of brownfield projects

  • Cost Management and Value Creation

We will create a cost-efficient and value-driven organisation, maximising returns to our stakeholders

  • People

We will operate as One Team, delivering exceptional results

  • Corporate Responsibility

We will conduct our business responsibly and in accordance with our core values, supporting the local and national communities in a sustainable manner