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  • ACE certifies 500 Primary School Coaches

    To date, over 500 cricket and football coaches in primary schools across the country have received international certification via the Atlantic Coaching Excellence (ACE) programme. 

    The programme comes to an end in December after a final round of certification seminars for football coaches.   

    For ACE's 2015 cycle of certification for cricket coaches, 104 primary school coaches were trained and certified by Cricket Australia, under the tutelage of Darren Holder.  Ninety-three (93) coaches received Level 1 certification, while 21 were upgraded to Level 2.   

    Since the programme’s inception in 2013, 344 primary school cricket coaches have been certified at Level 1, and 36 at Level 2. 

    Camille Salandy, Atlantic’s Head of Sustainability and Corporate Communications, explained that over its 3 year duration, the ACE Programme had met Atlantic’s expectations for its wide-spread acceptance by coaches and primary schools and its contribution to the development of local under-15 cricketing talent.   

    “It is clear that the ACE Programme’s training methodologies are being used in coaching programmes around the country,” Salandy said.  “In the last few years, in the final matches in the Atlantic National Primary Schools Cricket League, many of the top schools were coached by ACE-certified coaches.” 

    “From the feedback from the trainers, we understand that there was a real eagerness on the part of the coaches for the high level of training that the ACE Programme delivered,” Salandy added.  “They were exposed to best practices in sports training, practices which for the most part would not have been a component of primary school coaching in Trinidad and Tobago.  With these best practices now being implemented across the board, we can look forward to seeing more of our primary school cricketers transitioning into secondary school cricket and beyond, making a name for themselves and for their country.” 

    Darren Holder, chief facilitator for the cricket component of the ACE Programme, said that the two day technical training seminar for the coaches combined their passion for cricket with the latest cutting-edge techniques in training young athletes and future sporting talent. 

    “It’s common knowledge that it’s at the youth level where great athletes receive their foundation, but not everybody knows how to build that foundation and to keep building on it successfully ,” Holder said.  “With the ACE seminars, we were able to share the latest knowledge and the latest training philosophies with the coaches, and it was really good to see them willing to try new approaches. The real winners of the ACE Programme are the children, who will have an all-round better game as a result of this.” 

    The ACE Programme’s next component in its final year will be the annual Leadership Symposium, which is carded for September.  For the Symposium, primary school cricket and football coaches will undergo supplemental training by professionals in sports nutrition, sports psychology, leadership development and life skills.  Advocates for anti-bullying and for children with learning disabilities will also share relevant information with the coaches. 

    The Atlantic Coaching Excellence (ACE) Programme aims to support the long-term development of football and cricket by increasing the number of primary school coaches in Trinidad and Tobago with international certification. It is envisioned that in the near future, international certification of coaches will become part of the criteria for participation in the annual cricket and football competitions sponsored by Atlantic.