Atlantic Graduate Internship Programme

Atlantic’s Graduate Internship Programme provides an opportunity for professionals to ACCELERATE their Career as they: "Acquire Competitive Competencies in the Energy sector, in a Learning Environment that Recognises positive Attitude, Technical knowledge and Excellence."

The intent of this two (2) year programme is to provide professionals entering the world of work, with the opportunity to transition from tertiary level education to a structured work environment for building the skills to effectively function within the energy sector.

Knowledge and Experience
Persons applying must possess a Bachelor’s degree in one of the advertised areas from a recognised, accredited institution and must have successfully completed the programme within the specified time frame. Examples of the advertised disciplines include:

  • Engineering – Civil; Electrical; Electrical and Computer; Instrumentation and Controls; Mechanical; Process or Chemical
  • Disaster and Crisis Management
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Finance/Accounting/ACCA

Amanda Hunte-Balgobin – Corrosion Engineer

While Atlantic is committed to the safe and reliable operation of its LNG Trains, it is also committed to the development of its people, harnessing their skills, abilities and talents to maximise their full potential. This certainly speaks to my experience here, where as a Process Engineering Graduate Trainee, I gained exposure to many areas of the business allowing me the opportunity to interact with different departments and get a feel for where I wanted my career to go. I now function as the first Corrosion Engineer at Atlantic where the range of learning and developmental opportunities is endless.