Health, Safety, Security and The Environment (HSSE)

Atlantic’s success in HSSE can be attributed to the way that we have focused on building an organisational culture where HSSE is a highly-regarded corporate value and where HSSE awareness is embraced by all employees as the normal way of doing business to prevent harm to people, community and the environment.

Atlantic has always believed that the key to risk mitigation in an energy company is an active HSSE culture. Over time, this emphasis has evolved into a focus not only on personal safety, employee health and wellness and sound environmental practice, but also a focus on process safety and asset integrity.

Five factors guarantee Atlantic’s success in our overall HSSE practice:

Demonstrated Safety Leadership
Atlantic’s entire Leadership Team demonstrates strong commitment to HSSE, through such activities as safety walkdowns

Engagement around HSSE
Through regular engagement of our employees and our service providers, we increase their awareness around the importance of HSSE as a value, and empower them to make the responsible choices necessary to ensure good HSSE practice

HSSE Best Practice
We advocate the adoption of HSSE best practice through policies that are aligned to international industry standards, but which are also strictly and fairly enforced

HSSE Audits
Rigorous audits of our performance in HSSE and Asset Integrity Management ensure compliance and build improvements. We have an annual cycle of audits conducted internally by our Internal Audit Team, and also by auditors from our shareholder companies

HSSE Benchmarking
In our strategic pursuit of pacesetting performance, we compare our performance in key areas of business against our peers in the global LNG industry and work towards closing gaps.

As we forge ahead to our goal of excellence in HSSE, we continue to learn from others in the industry, both locally and internationally to ensure that world class standards are implemented at Atlantic with the ultimate goal of ensuring the safety and well-being of our people, and the management and conservation of our natural resources.

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