Our Supply Chain

Fostering sustainability across the supply chain
Atlantic has placed significant focus on strengthening our relationship with our suppliers, and remains committed to maintaining industry-leading performance across all areas of  our operations. With robust policies and standards at the heart of our operations, we seek to improve the way in which we do business. Subsequently we have given ourselves the mandate to contribute to the long-term development of small contractors and suppliers.

Our supplier engagement was born out of our commitment to a sustainable supply chain, which we aspire to do through capacity building and by setting high social, environmental and quality standards across the supply chain.

Our Contractor Management Programme (CMP) was established with the aim of providing assurance around contractor performance and mutually agreed expectations and goals. Through a series of initiatives such as Performance Management Meetings, pre-qualification audits with feedback and coaching sessions, and contractor KPI monitoring, especially around high risk activities, this strategic intervention is aimed at optimising the value of contractor relationships and ensures greater alignment between Atlantic’s expectations and actual contractor performance.

Our bi-monthly Business and Safety Meetings with our service providers came out of an increasing need to foster communication and a culture of consultation and feedback with our supplier network. Through these meetings, we have had an open platform to share updates on our business and safety performance, as well as discuss areas for improvement. It also offers our suppliers the opportunity to provide open and honest feedback and as a result, these meetings have developed into an excellent forum for the sharing of best practice, and innovative solutions for improving our business partnerships. Additionally, we have introduced our Safety Leadership Awards, which recognises persons across our supply chain who had demonstrated safety leadership.

Atlantic became the first operator in the local oil and gas sector to achieve Safe-To-Work (STOW) certification - a certification based on rigorous international best practice around safety. We were committed to leading the way for STOW
certification along the supply chain which would lend to the cultivation of a robust safety culture across our operations. We have now implemented the STOW
certification as part of our pre-qualification process, to encourage a greater focus on safety processes and positive safety behaviours.

During our Turnaround activities, we continue to depend heavily on the support of hundreds of contractors and a creditable safety performance is the direct result of this deep and sustained engagement with our service providers. Additionally, we invest significantly in ensuring our service providers are Fit-for-Work.