Atlantic’s safety performance is the direct result of a robust approach to safety, which includes visible safety leadership, consistent, targeted engagement with all employees and contractors, the review and development of internal performance standards and the implementation of robust processes.

We have adopted an approach where Personal Safety and Process Safety are viewed as equally important to ensure the safety of our employees, service providers and visitors.

For Personal Safety, our Control of Work framework describes our integrated approach to incorporate safety and risk mitigation into every activity so that all risks to personal safety are identified, controlled and mitigated. The Control of Work framework includes the following activities:

Planning the work - We rigorously plan all activities through our Asset Integrity Management System, which focuses both on personal and process safety, and through our Competency Management and Assurance System (CMAS), which focuses on competency assurance.

Assessing and managing the risk – We identify the potential risks associated with our business and through a rigorous management system, we continuously work to reduce the likelihood of these risks occurring.

Controlling the work - We maintain a consistent approach to the way in which we control work and manage risk on-site.

Auditing and capturing any learnings – We continuously check that all controls are in place through regular audits and capture key learnings which facilitate continuous improvement

Stopping all unsafe work – We ensure that employees and service providers are empowered to stop ALL work that is unsafe and can effectively collaborate to ensure that the work is resumed safely.

Our approach to safety includes:

  • The implementation of a Behaviour-Based Safety Programme which has led to an improvement in our safety culture
  • A robust approach to incident reporting across the organisation
  • A structured approach to control of our operations which include the development of safe work practices for high risk activities, an electronic permit to work system and a Fit-for-Work policy.
  • A strong focus on Contractor Management through the implementation of Atlantic-specific programmes such as our Contractor Performance Management Process, and industry-driven initiatives such as the Safe-to-Work (STOW) certification

In Process Safety, our Asset Integrity Management Standard (AIMS) has been implemented to ensure that we “keep our hydrocarbons in the pipe”, that is, prevent any uncontrolled releases of hydrocarbons, chemicals, hazardous materials and other high-energy sources to the atmosphere, water or ground. It also speaks to ensuring that we prevent the failure of equipment and infrastructure in order to avoid serious harm to people, the environment and assets.

Recent initiatives aimed at focusing on process safety include:

  • Implementation of a Process Safety Week to increase awareness of process safety amongst employees and contractors
  • Implementation of a Risk-based Inspection programme
  • Implementation of a Safety Critical Equipment programme
  • Construction of a new Administration Building and movement of personnel away from the plant to reduce risk
  • Implementation of a Competency Management Assurance System programme
  • Development of a framework and plan for an overarching Atlantic Management System (AMS) aimed at standardising work procedures

Our approach to security recognises that a secure working environment is very important to the company’s success. We are committed to treating with security risks with the same urgency as any other critical activity in the business, and our response seeks to protect human life, the environment and company assets in all cases of emergencies. Through engagement, we have built partnership relationships with local and international government security agencies and other relevant organisations with this aim in mind. We continue to engage both employee and service providers on issues regarding personal security and corporate security, aimed at raising awareness and our protection profile.